Functions implemented – Read – Delete – Anonymize – Always return GDPR interface version (for future compliance level via GDPRforWP plugin)

Block docs : Function overview in GITHUB – wiki

- Describe HOW data is to be returned 

Code examples in GITHUB – wiki

- usecase: read metadata
- usecase: delete metadata
- usecase: anonymize metadata
- usecase: how to anonimize e-mail field: (MD5 encode text parts, or Star-mark parts of it) 
- usecases: custom field returns id-reference to a post. Correct data to return is the link/titel of that post, and not just the ID

GDPRforWP Plugin v.0.1

  • Define admin functions
    • Plugin listview
    • Settings page (central listning + plugin compatability)
    • User listview
  • Define plugin hooks (2 alternativs – Describe and choose best option going forward)

Example implementation of Interface in existing plugin

- Own PCO plugin: MemberCompany plugin

Boilerplate plugin v.1 ready

Phase 2

External partner implementation 1

- send interface
- send boilerplate
- (send codesnipets from MemberCompany)

External partner implementation 2

- send interface
- send boilerplate
- (send codesnipets from MemberCompany)

GitHub Repository now open for Pull requests

 - Collect dev. input from the community

GDPRforWP Plugin v.0.8

    - Implement plugin dev. focused functions
    - Implemene DPO focused functions
    - Out-of-Box std. WP userdata lookup and delete/anonymizing

GDPRforWP Plugin ALFA release

- test - external?

Boilerplate plugin update v.2

 - Roundup of external tests and community feedback

External Implementation 3

- Send interface
- Send boilerplate

Phase 3

Boilerplate plugin update v.3

- External partner feedback implementation

GDPRforWP Plugin BETA release

Furter Community feedback gathering

Phase 4

Boilerplate plugin update v.4 (Release Candidate)

GDPRforWP Plugin (Release Candidate)

Phase 5 – Launch

Boilerplate plugin update v.5 Final release

GDPRforWP Plugin Final release

The GDPR plugin that looks at the plugins with the interface implemented should

  • Provide a clear visual compliance indicator on every plugin installed

  • Privacy policy text builder based on installed (compliant) plugins.

  • Provide an administrative overview on each users data being stored, across plugins

  • Provide an administrative way to send user data to a specific user upon request

  • Provide an administrative way to delete user data on a specific user upon request

  • ? Add site wide Explicit consent checkbox, with detailed yet plain English on what data is stored, how it is used and how long. (This is a replacement for the cookie popup) – possible disablement of submitting actions until consent is given? The request to collect data should happen to every user before any data is collected, that might also mean cookies.

What we aren’t doing at the moment

  • Build a “Right to Access” form on your website. You should build that in your go-to form builder.
  • Build the “Right to be forgotten” form on your website. You should build that in your go-to form builder.
  • Provide any front-facing output of user data.